Seven Mile  is a student-driven initiative to bring arts education back to Detroit public schools. We provide free weekly music, arts and coding lessons to K-12 youth in northwestern Detroit.

We are currently updating our board positions! Stay tuned for the full update, as well as revisions to the rest of our site. Thanks for being a friend of Seven Mile!

Seven Mile Executive Board

Board Co-Chair – Kimberly Chan
Board Co-Chair – Connor Mackey

Arts Chair – Kerianne McManus

Coding Chair – Maverick Cook

Secretary: Alexander Lubbers

Treasurer – Lily Lu

Development Director – Kirtana Choragudi







Operations Director – Ellen Yang

Communications Director: Marlee Anderson


Seven Mile Music Board

Outreach Director – Tyler Neiss

Assistant Outreach Director – Kevin Hu

Co-Director of Education: Farah Huq
Co-Director of Education: Lily Talmers


Seven Mile Art & Creative Writing Board

-Ben Blythe

-Ellie Wilson

-Heidi Liu

-James Lee

-Kerianne McManus

-Natalia Ipince

-Rinette Korea

-Tess Speiser

-Tiffany Huynh

Seven Mile Coding Board

Chair – Maverick Cook

Director of  Education – Tara Safavi

Director of Curriculum – Ritam Mehta

Honorary Board Members

Sam Saunders

Founder  – Sam Saunders

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