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20 Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500 Reviews in 2020

Music has a way of finding its way to the secret places of the soul.

It uplifts you in a magical way. It is probably the only medicine your heart needs. If you are in doubt, listen to some soul, rock, classical or electro music, and feel your heart beat to the rhythm.

And music becomes even livelier when you add music instruments into the spin. Adding a well-crafted guitar delivers magical performance, better than other instruments can.

However, the only thing standing in the way to become a guitar owner is the price. Some of the renowned guitar brands are overpriced, and beyond the reach of most ordinary music lovers.

But there is a way out;

You can get a premium well-built guitar under $500. As surprising as it is, we found some good picks that won’t break your bank. And the good thing is, we evaluated the top picks based on qualify, finish, sound quality, design, controls, and other important features.

We narrowed down to the 20 best acoustic electric guitar under 500 that are currently available. Get one of these picks if you are interested in honing your guitar skills using a sturdy acoustic electric guitar.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500 Reviews: Top Picks

1. Fender Squier Affinity Series Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Fender Squier Affinity Series provides an excellent start to electric guitar lessons and the perfect instrument for small gatherings, informal jam sessions, and schools bands. 

This affordable electric guitar comes in full package, offering the legendary Fender tone and great sound. Its frets, body, and neck features represent the styles of iconic guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

The Fender Squier Stratocaster Electric Guitar comes in multiple colours, so you have the freedom to pick what you like most, maybe based on your room, band, or clothes theme. All of is six strings generate great sound, compatible with amplifiers, tuners, and offers multiple usages, gatherings and lessons.

Beginner players get everything they require from the Fender Squier Stratocaster, including a superior gig bag, a 10W-10G amplifier with excellent picks and cable, a guitar strap, an instructional DVD, and electronic tuners. It comes with a Satin Neck finish with Laurel and Maple materials on the fingerboard.

Left and right-handed individuals can use this guitar.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive design with volume controls
  • Easy to learn
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Spot on intonation


  • Some roughness on the fret edges
  • Substandard tuning pegs
  • Not ideal for intermediary and expert players

2. Fender Classic 70’s Telecaster Electric Guitar

The inspiration behind this beautiful guitar is the 70s telecaster models as it brings out the nostalgic feeling of the 1970s on-stage music with notable features like the nickel-plated hardware, vintage-tint gloss neck finish, and headstock markings.

The classic Fender can be an excellent partner in your musical journey with a tone that will surely melt the hearts of music lovers.

The well-crafted and designed neck shape, classic finishing, playability, and tones make the Squier Classic 70s Telecaster one a kind. If you are looking for the modern era’s vintage style, this is the guitar for you; it offers the Fender’s Golden era’s sound and style.

It is equipped with unique player-friendly features such as the comfortable maple C-shaped neck, 21 narrow-tall frets, 9.5” radius maple fingerboard, and precise adjustment.

The 100% Fender-designed wide range humbucker bridge pickups offer a full frequency and super fat sound that will undoubtedly erase any doubts you may have about tone quality. A four-screw-bolt connects the maple neck and Poplar body, making it a relatively lightweight but sturdy instrument.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Incredible tone
  • Excellent playability
  • Comes in a variety of colours


  • The materials are not quite robust

3. Ibanez JEMJRWH Electric Guitar

The Ibanez JEMJRWH electric guitar is just as exciting as the iconic guitarist, Steve Vai.

The Mahogany body, fretboard of rosewood, wizard III maple neck, jumbo frets, the monkey grip handle, and the tree of life fretboard inlay contribute to the magnificence of this Steve Vai signature guitar. The magical tones with warmth, rich dynamics, and depth come from the two quantum humbuckers, and a quantum single-coil pick up.

Owning this guitar gives you access to a five-way switching and a slim and comfortable neck that will enhance your guitar playing experience, ensuring a comfortable and effortless chord playing. The moment you start playing the Ibanez JEMJR, you will realize that the affordable guitar was developed with quality and performance in mind.

Even if you are not a fan of Vai’s playing style, this electric guitar can suit you if you are looking for a well-rounded fast action electric guitar. It is well- assembled, feels excellent in a player’s hands and suitable for metal music players.


  • Powerful tone
  • Effortless playability
  • Whammy with confidence
  • The bridge stays in tune
  • Hardware reliability


  • A few mentions about the need to adjust the action after getting the guitar a bit

4. Ibanez RG470MSP Electric Guitar

Ibanez’s focus on performance and quality can be seen in the Ibanez RG470MSP, as it was crafted with dedication and focus.

It has a Meranti body, quantum pickups, and turquoise sparkle finish. Ibanez designed the double-locking tremolo bridge to offer players the snap and swift vibrato response needed to pull of flutters and sharp bends.

The guitar’s ability to withstand prolonged playing sessions while maintaining its tuning and the knife-edge style term’s lock function that delivers superior stability make it a favorite for many top shredders.

Additionally, one cannot overlook its exceptional playability brought out by the smooth fretboard and the neck’s shape. It is also made with a triple combination of high octane quantum pickups in HSH configuration and a superfast wizard III neck profile.

The five-way tone switching will offer excellent service as you work on different music genres and also allows you to deliver different flavors in a single song like many legendary players like Steve Vai. It also offers a wide tonal range making it a versatile instrument.


  • Excellent playability
  • A sturdy and robust neck
  • Great tuning stability and well-balanced tension


  • The color may not be ideal for many people

5. Dean VMNT Dave Mustaine Electric Guitar

Heavy metal lovers certainly know who Dave Mustaine is and beside his iconic music, his signature guitars are appreciated by many.

The Dean VMNT is a total reflection of his brilliance, with beautifully crafted graphics and a mahogany body that was spec’d by Dave Mustaine. It is made up of Dean DMT-design humbucker pickups, a headstock containing Mini-Grover tuners, Tune-o-Matic Bridge, and rosewood fingerboard.

It is equipped with a dual volume, 3-way switching, and single tone control configuration which is preferred by Dave Mustaine. The beautiful Dean logo on the headstock and a body with peace sells graphics make Dean VMNT stand out.

Its Tone Pros bridge offers extremely reliable tuning while the D-shaped neck generates fast action. At the same time, Duncan Live Wire pickups provide breathtaking thrash metal roar, to sum up, the brilliance of this guitar.

The string-through design of the body and a fixed Tune-o-Matic bridge ensures that everything remains tight regardless of how much pressure you put on the fretboard. It sports the Special D, Mustaine’s go-to profile.


  • A beautiful appearance
  • Quality tone
  • Highly versatile


  • Passive pickup sets mean you have a few cuts in the number of outputs

6. Slash AFD Signature Les Paul

Our list of the best electric guitars under $500 would be incomplete without a signature Slash guitar, and the Slash AFD Signature Les Paul, designed by Slash is an excellent pick.

It is a perfect choice for individuals who appreciate Slash and an ideal instrument for beginner players. Besides feeling great, it also sounds exceptionally like the one used by Slash.

Its outstanding features include a new Ceramic plus Humbucking pickups, Dark Cherry Mahogany neck and body, a headstock with a silk Slash’s Snakepit logo, and AAA Flame Maple top. It also has an enclosed body with a shadow pickup ring E-tuner that is built-in.

These features make the Slash AFD one of the best and most affordable Epiphone entry-level guitars.

An excellent guitar is vital as you start your guitar playing journey and the Slash AFD Signature Les Paul II offers excellent service. Besides the guitar, you will also get a Slash Signature Dunlop to text pickups and a custom Gig bag with a Snakepit logo. 


  • The simple controls suit beginners
  • Offers excellent value for money
  • Huge chunky neck
  • Attractive appearance


  • A few (rectifiable) setup issues
  • The sound quality is not perfect

7. Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar

If you are a beginner guitarist looking for a guitar to begin your journey with, consider the Epiphone Les Paul Vintage Sunburst because it comes with features and comfort that beginners require to learn.

With this guitar, you get an authentic Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar that has two classic electric guitar amplifier. It is made up of Mahogany and offers an excellent note-sustain, the Tune-O-Matic bridge, and stop bar tailpiece lock-on.

Due the individual pickup tone and volume controls, a well-crafted Mahogany body and 3-way pickup selector, make this guitar excellent for producing rocking tunes. The premium die-cast tuners on the head cast and the 60’s SlimTaper D-Profile neck shape are some of the qualities that owners of this guitar get to enjoy.

The fingerboard with 22 Medium Jumbo frets facilitates smooth playing sessions, ranging from rock n roll tones to cool crunchy songs. Its low watt amplifier offers the easy-to-get, ideal tone that is well-known for beginner guitarists as it facilitates full and high sounds at low volume.


  • Affordable price
  • Comes with an Epiphone gig bag
  • Electar-10 amplifier with overdrive
  • Pinch-on tuner
  • High-quality parts and construction


  • Sustainable string changing but requires practice

8. Ibanez GRX70QATBB Electric Guitar

Ibanez guitars are loved because of their durability, smooth playability, and their classic Ibanez shape. Ibanez GRX70QA encompasses all these qualities and more.

Its body is made up of poplar while the top is a gorgeous quilted maple with a shimmery texture. It is available in red, green, black, and blue with transparent sunburst finishes.

The Ibanez GRX70QA has a rosewood fingerboard with pearl dot inlays and a maple neck, which contributes to the guitar’s nice overtones and warmth. The smooth and thin neck with medium-sized frets is not only fast to play but quite comfortable.

Besides its flashy appearance, the stock pickups with an HSH arrangement and passive ceramic ferrite magnets are arguably its most exciting aspect.

It has non-locking tuners which detune quite fast, a Fat-6 tremolo bridge, and simple controls. You can use the versatile guitars to create music from different genres for jazz, rock, pop, to country. However, the slim neck and the pickup arrangement implies that it is optimized for hard rock and metal. The neck responds quickly and handles speedy soloing. 


  • Fast and comfortable neck
  • Good hardware
  • HSH pickup arrangement


  • Non-locking tuners
  • Lack of character on its pickups

9. Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster

Although you can find a Fender Telecaster for up to $10k, you can also purchase one for as low as below $500 with a solid tone and design.

The Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster is such an instrument as it comes with admirable features, perfect for beginner guitarists. All Telecasters have the legendary Telecaster shape that makes them stand out, and this guitar has the renowned single-cutaway body.

It has a vintage appeal and features a C-shaped bolt-on maple neck with 21 medium jumbo frets and a maple fretboard. The simple, stripped-down décor seen in most Telecasters has a three-ply black Tele pickguard, a simple maple laurel fretboard with black dot inlays, and the iconic Telecaster headstock up top. The bridge comprises a hardtail with six cast saddles.

The evergreen comfortable and slim C-shaped neck helps players reach the high notes. The Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster delivers clear and warm sound with the Tele twang that goes well with jazz, blues, and country guitars. The two-color Headstock logo enhances the elegant appearance of this instrument.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Good sound quality
  • Built to last
  • User-friendliness
  • Smooth, comfortable neck


  • Cheap knobs
  • You may need to replace pickups

10. Epiphone Les Paul Special VE

It is an excellent and affordable guitar, particularly if you are looking for a fine guitar for your gigs.

The two open-coil humbucker pickups generate clear, warm and, rich sound, and with some effort mean, aggressive, and cutting tone, so in case you are looking to add a Les Paul in your collection, consider the Epiphone Les Paul Special VE.

It has a rosewood fretboard, a bolt-on mahogany neck a 14-inch radius, and a 22 medium jumbo frets. The neck is fast and plays exceptionally well and a beautiful light satin finish that makes this guitar quite stunning.

With this guitar, you get a solid body instrument with the iconic Les Paul rosewood fretboard and mahogany neck to bring out the model’s great harmonic content.

The poplar body, broken-in look with a single tone and volume controls are excellent features in a guitar that will cost your less than $500. It is a popular guitar among beginner players and experienced guitarists on a tight budget because it is not only affordable but also reliable, offers excellent sound and a classic silhouette.


  • Great design
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Easy and comfortable to play


  • The slim design may be uncomfortable for with a broader build or large hands

11. Epiphone SG Special Electric Guitar

With a price tag of under $300 and great features, the Epiphone SG Special is undoubtedly an excellent guitar and a suitable choice for individuals on a tight budget.

It gives a classic rock, rock n roll music tones, and multiple other genres, making it a versatile instrument. Similar to the Les Paul Special VE, you get a broken-in feel and looks with this guitar.

It is designed with a solid poplar body which is known for having the richness of sound and excellent tonal qualities, Rosewood Fingerboard, Okoume Neck, and two humbucking pickups. The shape of this guitar will give you the feeling of the 80’s Angus Young. The StopBar and Tune-o-Matic Bridge offers the SG Special a decent sustain and tuning stability.

It is an excellent choice for someone who appreciates the Epiphone SG in a smaller size. It comes in various finish choice, but the all-black and the black and red combination are quite popular.


  • An attractive finish
  • Sleek design
  • A solid, durable body and a bolt-on neck
  • Fast neck
  • Quality sound


  • The tuners may feel a bit cheap
  • Does not have the double tone or volume controls
  • Awkward placement of the output jack

12. Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar

The simple setup makes it easy for players to separate tone and volume controls and select pickups, making it an excellent pick for beginners as you will not outgrow it quickly and offers what you need to advance your playing skills.

It has noteworthy features like a basswood body, flamed maple top, 22-frett Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, and bolt-on neck mahogany neck with a slim taper profile.

The Epiphone Les Paul Special II is equipped with humbucker pickups that generate pleasant rock tones and the Tune-O-Matic bridge system that let your fingers sit comfortably for smoothly playing. The guitar orients with the bottom cutaway let you reach high notes during solo performances.

Unlike the traditional rounder, fatter Les Paul styles, the Epiphone Les Paul Special II has a flat body and neck, which makes it easier to get your hands around. You should be lucky owning this guitar as it helps train your musical ear and can accommodate different genres.


  • Easy to play
  • Quality build
  • Excellent Les Paul sound
  • Great value for money
  • Durability and performance


  • Has one volume and tone control
  • You may experience tuner issues and string changes in your first try

13. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012 Electric Guitar

Yamaha guitars are known for the high playability and quality and the series PAC012 offers all the features that players, especially beginner guitarists’ need.

The Pacifica Series came out in 1990, inspired by performance, individuality, and the versatile California scene. It was developed to accommodate various playing styles and genre with undeniable Yamaha quality; however, it has unique attributes like the double-cutaway body.

Some of this guitar’s cool features include a smooth C –shaped maple neck, lightweight Agathis Body, a Rosewood fingerboard, and versatile pickups that can generate multiple tones such as punchy midrange, low-end growl, and clean heights. It also has 5-position blade, master volume, and tone controls and the Ceramic humbucker customs make the guitar ideal for playing alternative metal and heavy metal songs.

Although the power may not blow away most users, mostly intermediate or experienced players, it produces quite an applaudable tone for such a pocket-friendly guitar. The stock pickups generate a decent output and clear sounds, and since you have three to work with, you get multiple scopes for various tones.


  • Easy playability
  • Handy electronics
  • Excellent build quality
  • Very comfortable


  • Not the best quality tonewood
  • Not the best tuners

14. Fender Bullet Stratocaster Hardtail Electric Guitar

The simplicity and well-crafted features of the Fender Bullet Stratocaster make it a suitable guitar for people as they start playing the guitar; it does not have extra whistles and fancy bells found in advanced guitars. It features a Poplar body with Rosewood Fingerboard and a five-way switching to allow you to create various variations.

It has a single-coil Stratocaster neck, humbucking bridge pickup, and middle pickups which work together to create the pickup configuration, giving you what you need to produce those classic Fender tones. It may not be the most refined electric guitar in the market, but it has the requirements that make an attractive and robust model with a complete and professional look.

With a Fender Bullet Stratocaster, you will get an admirable tone quality, comfortable and quick playability. It has a synched tremolo bridge and a Fender inspired die-cast set tuner which although it may take time to tune it, it is strong enough to stay in place for a long time.


  • An excellent starter guitar
  • Comfortable and lightweight body
  • Stays in tune
  • Good tone quality


  • Cheap and slightly stiff switches
  • An imperfect neck finish
  • Reported complaints about continuous buzzing

15. Fender Short Scale Stratocaster Electric Guitar

With a scale length 24”, the Short Scale Stratocaster is slightly smaller and shorter than the standard sized Stratocaster but equally powerful and equipped with impressive features.

It has a C-shaped Maple Neck, Hardtail 6-saddle Bridge, a polyurethane finish on a poplar body, a softer hardwood that produces heavy tones and resonance. The highly contoured body is a mirror of the 1954s Stratocaster.

The natural satin neck finish gets rid of the sticky feeling that comes with a glossy finish, making the neck quite comfortable even after using the guitar for long hours. The broad but thin fretboard allows your hand to play in an excellent, comfortable position when using the Short Scale Stratocaster while the shorter scale facilitates a seamless string bending.

The hardtail six-saddle bridge stabilizes the strings and secures them in place better than a tremolo bar. It has a standard die-cast tuning machines that work fine and a hardware system with a chrome finish. The squire Short Scale Stratocaster is an ideal choice for individuals looking for a short-scale guitar and particularly useful for beginners.


  • Lightweight body
  • Great construction
  • The wider neck offers good grip
  • Versatile


  • Buzzing strings
  • Cheap tuning keys

16. LyxPro 39” inch Full-Size Electric Guitar

Your guitar learning and playing journey will likely begin with deciding which guitar to buy, then determining the amplifier that will go well with your choice guitar’s output.

Before you realize you will have a lot of decisions to make, including purchasing a gig case, guitar straps, and picks. However, the LyxPro 39” comes with a complete starter kit, eliminating the headache of matching your guitar with the right accessories.

Similar to high-quality guitars, the LyxPro 39” has a solid Canadian maple neck and a wooden body, a straight Rosewood fingerboard that facilitates fast action and comfortable shifts. The three single-coil pickups joined to a tone control knob and a volume control together with the pickup selector switch.

Additionally, it has a one-way tremolo bar that functions well to keep the intonation stable.

The entire set is easy to play and set up and excellent for practising at the studio or home. With his guitar, you also get a 20W amplifier, sufficient to generate quality sound.


  • Excellent for intermediate and beginner players
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Great amplifier
  • Good clip-on tuners
  • Feels good


  • Cheaply made guitar bag
  • Strings may break easily
  • Might require more setup and adjustments

17. Ibanez GRG121DXWNF Electric Guitar

The Ibanez G10 series is one of the most affordable and popular guitar lines, and the Ibanez GRG121DXWNF is on the series’ brightest model.

Besides the solid body made with a double cutaway Mahogany and a flat walnut finish, you will also enjoy the simple, reliable electronics and hardware. It also has a slim maple bolt-on neck, the popular rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbos, and a shark tooth inlays that give this guitar its attractive appearance.

The delicious tones generated by the Ibanez GRG121DXWNF come from the high output IBZ 6 humbucker pickups. The 3-way selector switch offers tone variety, and due to the hardwood mahogany and sturdy maple used to make the body and neck, this guitar falls under the heavier guitar category.

It has simple hardware comprising a long-lasting graphite nut to keep the strings in place and a fixed hardtail style instead of a tremolo bar.

The hardwood brings out the lower tone range and gives access to warmer mid-tones as well. The humbucker is also excellent for providing access to multiple tone qualities through the three-way toggle switch.


  • Easy setup
  • Plays well and sound great
  • Offers value for money


  • Humming noise
  • Poorly sanded neck

18. Ibanez GRGM21BKN ¾ Size Mikro Electric Guitar

This downsized ¾ sized, lightweight guitar is ideal for people looking for a durable smaller guitar with superior craftsmanship, good sound quality, and good electronics.

Having the Ibanez GRGM21BKN means you get an excellent, reliable and versatile travel buddy. Its body is made up from solid Mahogany which gives deep, warm mid-tones, 22-inch bolt-on maple neck, a rosewood fretboard with 24 inlays, signature to Ibanez style.

The fretboard is reasonably flat and equipped for practice shredding; therefore, you can use it to master a few metal tricks. Although it is a lightweight instrument, it is stable enough for kids to hold it easily and the flawless and thin neck makes it easy to play it. The Ibanez is also sturdy enough to withstand any harsh treatments, especially if a child owns it.

Although it is designed for small hands, it is also suitable for metal shredders thanks to the two double humbuckers which are quite receptive to the three-way pickup tonal adjustments and selector switch. You also get a master volume control knob and tone knob that gives you more sound frequency control at your disposal.


  • Smooth fret edges
  • Superb finish and fit
  • Good playability
  • Responsive and adjustable control knobs


  • Average humbuckers
  • Requires a few adjustments

19. Epiphone Les Paul Express Travel-Size Electric Guitar

It is a short-scale classic Les Paul that captures the sound, feel, and look of a full-size Les Paul, built for travel or younger guitarists.

It is equipped with distinctive design features to make sure it performs exceptionally for beginners and also professionals in need of a travel guitar. Similar to most Les Pauls, it has a mahogany body but comes with an Okoume neck as opposed to a more traditional Mahogany.

The fully-adjustable fixed Epiphone FB-601 Bridge facilitates a comfortable string change. The four recessed bolts which are set into a tapered heel to the upper fret for easy accessibility and comfort secure the neck in place correctly. It also has a 700T Epiphone bridge humbucker and 650 R Epiphone humbucker on the neck.

The two pickups have qualities similar to those of late 50s Seth Lover’s original PAF humbuckers and have Alnico pickups that give infinite sounds, tone, and colour variety. Since it does not come with a tremolo, people who prefer a fixed-bridge will love this guitar and facilitates a quick tuning.


  • Great appearance
  • Good pickups
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to carry around


  • Requires another pickup
  • You may need to take time to get used to the location of the tuning ped

20. RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB ST Style Electric Guitar

RockJam produces many beginner guitar kits, and the RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB is a standard Fender style instrument equipped with three single-coil pickups perfect for blues, metal, country, rock, and other genres.

You also get two tone controls, pickup selector switch and a volume knob, a whammy bar, so you can practice various guitar tricks, 22 frets, and a rosewood fretboard. Furthermore, due to the Fender cutaway, the guitar body will not obstruct your fingers while playing so you can hit higher notes.

 You also get a guitar strap, pics, extra strings, guitar cable, and a practice amplifier; hence you can start playing immediately. The RockJam RJEG02-SK-SB has a tremolo bridge, a Single Coil Pickup Configuration, and Basswood body. The full-scale guitar gives you everything novice guitarists require to begin rocking.

It is highly suitable for teenagers and children, so if you are considering getting a guitar for your child, nephews, or nieces, consider it. The starter package has a 10-watt amplifier with a guitar to amplifier cable and headphone output.


  • Has a whammy bar and great pickups for versatile playing
  • Useful accessories
  • Comfortable and easy to hold


  • Tremolo can sometimes put the guitar out of tune

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Guitar

Buying the best acoustic electric guitar under 500 goes beyond merely knowing the right style; you must also consider the price, your needs, and the specifications.

Since there are plenty of options in the market, picking one is not a straightforward process. Here are some of the vital factors to take into consideration


Although you do not have to break the bank to get a high-quality guitar, prices will still play a massive role in your decision. If you are a beginner player, it would be better to get a pocket-friendly guitar, especially if you are not sure that you will use it for the foreseeable future. However, although it is better to stick with what you can afford, do not compromise on the quality.

Ensure that you spend a large percentage of your budget on the instrument rather than the accessories like the amplifier, strap, bag, tuner, and picks.

Construction Material

Guitars are crafted using different wood varieties, the common ones being ash, Mahogany, rosewood, alder, ebony, and maple. Various types of wood generate different tones according to their unique harmonic resonance. The pickups and wood combination plays a significant part in the way a guitar sounds, so make sure you do comprehensive research before choosing the right guitar for you.

Keep in mind that some guitars generate greater resonance, some are heavy, while others give specific tonal ranges. Combining different woods in one guitar helps to achieve greater range and response.

Guitar Pickups

The type of pickups affects a guitar’s overall sound, making it an essential thing to consider when making your decision. The commonly used are the single-coil pickups with a magnet and wire wrapped around it and the humbucker pickups which were made to eliminate the humming noise present in a single-coil pickup. Some guitars use active pickups which provide more robust, hotter sound and get external power from a battery so you will need to unplug the guitar to prevent draining the energy.

The Neck

A guitar’s neck can either be constructed as a through-neck, set neck, or bolt-on. Although the bolt-on is economical, it does not have some of the sustain that is present in the other types. Guitars with set-necks are sturdy and have an excellent resonant response.

You can also choose a guitar with a slim or thick neck depending on your preference. You also have the option to purchase a U-shape, C-shaped, or V- shape neck guitar. Remember that neck thickness and width vary according to the model, so it is wise to try out the guitar because it should feel natural and comfortable.

Body style

Although electric guitars come in a variety of shapes, they all fall under the solid body, semi-hollow body, or hollow body. Solid-body guitars can be made using one or many pieces of woods producing an instrument without cavities; semi-hollow ones have solid blocks in the middle with air cavities on a single or both halves. Hollow body guitars have hollow interiors and produce thicker, warmer, and more resonant tones.

Tone Knobs and Pickup Selector Switch

Some guitars have a 3-way switch, 5-way switch, while others have more; if you have more switch options, you get more tone customization options. A guitar also requires some knobs for tone and volume control. A guitar usually comes with various tone knobs to help the user toggle between low and high frequencies.

FAQs about Acoustic Electric Guitar Under 500

Is it worth purchasing an electric guitar for under $500?

Absolutely! You can easily find high-quality guitars with great performances and excellent features for under $500 like the ones listed above.

Who should purchase a guitar for under $500?

These guitars are great for individuals with different skill levels, from beginners to experienced guitarists. However, you should probably get something a bit high-end if you are looking to play for large crowds or sold-out auditoriums.

What do I need to buy besides the guitar?

Besides the amplifier, pedals, and cable, you should also include a bag or case to protect your guitar from exposure to elements or accidents. Ensure that you choose the right size. Purchase a humidifier as well unless you live in an area with high humidity.

What style and size should I buy?

When choosing a guitar, make sure it feels comfortable when playing and holding it. Kids or adults with smaller hands would feel more comfortable with a small guitar. There are many styles to choose from, depending on your preferences and needs.


You cannot go wrong by picking any of the guitars we have gone through. However, keep in mind that each has its strengths and weaknesses, so be sure to pay attention to every aspect when choosing your ideal electric guitars. Although you will likely get a chance to play different music genres in your career, pick a guitar that fits into your current playing style as you begin. Otherwise, we hope this list helped you make the right decision.

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